Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Human Beings Have Become Wild....

Human beings have become wild/ wild, who prefer living in barbarism
Spatters the vanity of his victory over the agony of others
Considers his success in the melancholy of others
Hurling ember on the garden, bask themselves and warm up their bodies.
Is human above or below civilization?
Is he near or too far from a relation?
Hard it is to distinguish and thus gets roasted in a cinder
Human beings get targeted to the muzzle of cannons
Hands are chained, but invisible
Legs are fettered, but invisible
Mouth is stitched, but still invisible
Can't be seen but can only be undergone/felt.

Human beings have become wild/ wild, without shape/without scene
Flowers are wringed before they usher a hope to bloom
Blooming flowers are trampled and shriveled
And blossomed flowers are thrown in a wheelie bin
Letting go the seedlings a waste-
In the presumption of establishing another society
Crushing even the seedlings- 
In the premise of making the society developed
We are living our present thus.

A bullet doesn't discriminate a man and an animal
Makes a single graveyard so that they never separate again
The battle of pride and selfishness– 
Is forbidden to be belched out by the pen of literature!
Is forbidden to be portrayed by the brush of an artist!!
The tint of life has faded.
The colorful rainbow is obliged to emancipate its existence 
No sooner a dream has bloomed within it
Restricted it is to ask for a healthy, beautiful and secured life.
Let this life be colored by the ink of pen
Let the real eyes be opened for our duties and responsibilities
If it is written without confining boundaries/ without any motive
Then where is the blind elephant to walk over? 
Can't say- may be on our own fate.

Beware! Let the life be like the world we dream of living,
Like a mighty image where our belief and determination could bloom.