Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Ode to the Past

I witnessed success
afterall happiness is success for me
I saw friends around me
everyone had nothing than praises for me,
but suddenly all those flatters
turned into a lonely submission
no sooner the evil arrows of destiny stroked me
Deserted in the battle of living life,
I was left abandoned in the battle of conquering it again.
There were times when
I was in the umpteen level of frustration,
suicidal tendencies aroused me, and
everywhere I saw were black and darkness.
Those days are not worth remembering, but
life starts then and there for one
who wants to make it all over again.
Though I was physically handicapped and still,
my mental strength has grown to a phenomenal proportion,
and thus making me stable and more productive than before.
Life is full of ups and downs,
I never learnt from ups, but
these downs definitely have taught me to strive,
fight against every odd, and
have encouraged me to live life again
not same as before
but to my hope, much better.

- Saturday, Feb 13, 2010