Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stages of Life

Stage I (HOPE)
A seedling once thrown carelessly
After thousands of years
Sprouted into a beautiful plant
Where pleasant flowers of my dreams
Bloomed like I'd yearned for so long.

The yacht of life flowing random
With uneven tides of thunderstorm
The dark night engulfing
My destination with its fiery convolutions
Finally reaching the shores of void.

The heat of battlefield
After a long war
Still breathes the cool air of peace
Besieged long before
With hopes alive though.

Stage IV (END)
Life is very short
Whispered that old tree standing
Aimlessly for thousands of years
One day, it fell down
Really! Life's too short
Like my unfurnished dreams.

(These pieces of poetries have already been published independently. I just compiled them to make a meaningful single.)


Pawan said...

gr8 man. keep on posting more. loved that.

A New Beginning said...

Quite meaningfully meaningless single :) Well done!

Robin said...

meaningful independents compiled into a meaningless yet meaningful single... nice experiment... keep it up brother...

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