Thursday, February 10, 2011


This comes as an obligatory reality for Nepalese living abroad that whatsoever and howsoever they do there, life comes in pretty sad face demanding much and giving less. This anthology of Nepali poetries from diasporas is a proof to that reality. The poetries here demand an analytical eye and unconventional vision in comprehending its essence. Most of the poems, based on the hardships of life faced in either native or foreign land, are adorned with strong metaphors and sharp similes that give us significantly a mellow reading. A sense of nativity and racial discourse though abundant throughout the volume do not look superfluous, when the indigenous dialects and communal jargons employed add a blissful taste all over the journey.

Translating ‘Reflections Beyond Border’ was completely a new but pleasant experience. Though it was very hard for me to muddle through the jargons, I have given utmost care in retaining the originality of the creations and even if some errors have crept in, I apologise sincerely for that. Thoroughly enjoying the poetic experiments done, I am therefore convinced that this volume will carve a distinct niche in the poetic fraternity of Nepali Literature. Playing with words is harder than understanding them and I was no other exception but I dared it not only because of a personal request from one of my close acquaintances but because I personally wanted to feel the pleasure of diasporic writing and especially of the writers from army background. The poets included in this anthology are all in one way or the other associated with security jobs or are army men abroad. Therefore, this book has helped in exhibiting the poetic heart of soldiers fighting at the frontier, and surpassing the fact that they appear hard from outside rather has revealed their soft corner.

On whole, this book will prove to be another milestone in introducing the literature from diasporas and the poetries a benchmark in the future of Nepali poetry. These poetries on one hand portray stark realities of human obligations and torments and on the other hand unfold beauty of nature that lies hidden for ages. Though some poetries are based on romanticism and brighter sides of life, many of them are revolutionary comprising darker shades of life. The poets speak of their native lands and the beauty they encompass, some compare them with the foreign lands and some write of the different facets of humanly emotions. Whatever is the thing, the poets tend to weave their personal experiences into words. I am grateful to the poets, the editors and to everyone who helped me make this venture a success. My dream of Nepali literature flying beyond borders as I have always mentioned is gradually taking shape and this one stands as a stepping stone in the flight.

Without much elaboration, I would like to end this brief note with one of my poems that explains the feeling that this volume occupies in whole-

The restrained gash of battlefields
The melancholy of being far away from home
The glorious victory at various theatres of war
The defeat of destitute proximity
The appeal of abounding affinity, and
Everything on your own-
Come flying
In different painful letters, and
Blood stained words
To spill over the scraps of haunting memories
And daunting experiences.

Note: This is the translator's note on my latest translation 'Reflections Beyond Border' published by Nepali Prativa Pratisthan UK.


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i guess the volume is worth-reading... expecting to find it in the market very soon...

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