Monday, February 22, 2010

Lost on the way...

Words seized, and mouths stitched
Hopes burnt, and hands fettered                
Has democracy been redeemed?            
Has revolution been justified?                  

Old mind, and outdated thoughts              
All is new to eyes that never opened      
Priceless gifts of treachery and turmoil 
The never-ending list of martyrs.                

Terror and threat, rebuke and retreat       
Spinning chairs on spine of skeletals
Suffocated by the whiff of gunpowder        
Flowers die before their dreams bloom    

Hapless state, and a helpless situation     
Where intimidation is independence       
When ego of power bull bumps               
Crushed are the hopes of poor folks       

Reconstruction and reformation                 
Have bullets ever built a castle?                
To the road of drafting new rules                
Lost are the architects on the way. 


A New Beginning said...

Hi Jayant!you poem raise many important questions and converys an important message too..I particularly liked the line
"Suffocated by the whiff of gunpowder
Flowers die before their dreams bloom."
thanks for a wonderful post :) have a great week ahead!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Jayant:)

I am thoroughly impressed with the following words which conveys a powerful meaning:

Hapless state, and a helpless situation
Where intimidation is independence
When ego of power bull bumps
Crushed are the hopes of poor folks

You have summed up very beautifully the shortcomings,limitations,stark realities,brutalities,pitfalls of freedom, independence and democracy.

Have a nice day:)

Sudhir said...

present day democracy... a good poem.... keep it up...

Milan Raut said...

again another sharp hit... love the way you play with words and express things the other way.... great...

Jayant Post said...

thank u sana for u always liked my post...
thank u joseph for ur brilliant and genuine comments.. and also for getting a new friend...
thank u sudhir and milan ji...

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