Monday, March 1, 2010

Some Poetries-V

When trees of survival start lamenting
Over the pathetic failure of reasons
Tanned beliefs start weaving young reveries again
The old verves start measuring the unexplored paths
I am lying here still, and destination peeping at horizon.
Faith smeared with shades of fear
Desires tarnished with tints of despair
Colours, you couldn’t paint my aspiration
And happiness, you disguise in black.
When the emptiness in eyes stare at hopes
When skinny belly stretches against poverty
When mud begrimed faces make its gesture
The dark lines of sorrow covering their wrinkled smile
Tell the taunting tale of civilization.
Unable to hold the load of corroded thoughts
Dreams like autumn leaves are falling down
Rotten ethics eaten by the worms of debacle
Are peeping from the holes in my pocket
The once upheaval of principles insane
Is quietly attacking my existence today.


Diya said...

it was great reading your poetries... each poetries give a dense meaning and portray a tear-jerking sketches of bitter realities... simply loved the verses...

A New Beginning said...

Thats amazing Jayant..beautiful pieces of poetry :)
Keep up!!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful words woven beautifully by a beautiful poet. :)

Jayant Post said...

thanks diya... u r always a darling to me...
thanks sana, ur comments are always genuine...
thanks chandrika, for visiting my blog and the comments...

Pawan said...

interesting piece of poetry!!! very deep thought and so emotional. keep it up.

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