Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dear Positive,
      You had been complaining of my letters all the time and I always took it as your suggestions. You had been telling me how badly I write and I acknowledged it as an inspiration. You had been grumbling on how I had changed all those years and I anticipated it as your verdict. Your biting words sometimes discouraged me but again, I saw wisdom in your rebukes. Your cold spoofs often hurt the small ambitions inside me but the very next minute, I sensed knowledge in your bitterness. After all, it was you who told me to do so.
      You had been grousing of how I got on my nerves quickly and only if you could have understood, it was all because of the solitary disorder. Your cutting words often heated my temperament but again, I comprehended the process to be physiological and became ice. When you dragged me by the lane of abuse, I understood it as the freedom that you use. I remember the day you handed me a paper of separation to get signed and I duly did it thinking you had given me a freedom to write.
      With furling of every season, I embraced the decision you lodged on me to be what I am not. With the curl of years, I clinched the inner-self in you regardless of my being what I really am. With fold of every morning, I induced the ‘what-I-want’ in you irrespective of what I always wanted. After all these years, you have still been grudging at my smile and here I cry not because you want it but because my eyes have been straining for quite sometime now.


A New Beginning said...

Thats a lovely way of expressing the positive and negative in our lives..thats a very innovative post Jayant, you write really well..keep up!! Have a great, positive week ahead!:)

Diya said...

the way you have looked into the positive aspects of life is really praise-worthy... i have always seen you being positive regardless of the tribulations you have gone through... your post as always is great to read...

Basanta said...

An inspirational post!

Anonymous said...

Well written mate. Grow within yourself. Take constructive criticism well and your writings will truly exist.

All the best.
Your Well wisher

Roopess said...

Well written brother..

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