Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Dream That Could Come True

                A place full of love and solace, a heaven  adequately woven with warmth and tenderness, a life devoid of strife and a 'better earth'  with dearth of exploitations and discriminations .... I landed a miracle, a strange place where solitude had its own hustles and bustles of ownness. Repugnant to this gloomy ditch of glitches, beyond the hazards of an offensive life, aloof  of gregariousity and its unwanted impacts, I tacked a beautiful world of sound human values and thoughts, where color of fortunes painted a life, lost somewhere, was better to be lost than never to be.
My legs traversed the bewilderment of the place ... using my bird-like autonomy and self-dignity. The heart-alluring geography could make anyone dive in its ocean of contentment and drink its fluid of beauty and absorb the warmth of its existence. Big rocky mountains and at the same time, flat terrrains seemed to forecast a big political contradiction within it, green vegetations, tall trees, fragrant flowers and indistinct murmur of waterfalls made that place resemble a heavenly garden ... a brilliant specimen of nature.
One of those God's abode, like those sacred places told by my Grandma in her stories during my lullaby days ... it was a part of heaven dropped in. I went for reconcilement, curtailment of time was racing against my aspirations. A man wasn't there, he was a society; I wasn't there, we were; with regards to one another's feeling, leading one another's labor of warm affection, adorning the tunes of justice and equality, the eyes of aheading childrens, youths and oldies were glowing brightly with a beam of self-glory. However the weather was, change of season couldn't wash the warmth of peoples, a thousand years past existence of cordiality.
The angelic abode was charming, giving delicacy of equal opportunities for no barrier of races existed there, no castles of castes figured there, no one was so superior for anyone to feel inferior, no one was so dignified to be placed at the shrine of luxury or so small to be left working at the mine of destitution. An epitome of Buddha seemed to end the tyranny of thousands of despotic Ashoka, smiling the air of quietude. There was an educative punishment system against prejudice, on the side of justice and people banished away from the materialistic world and rashed by the communal inferiority could even forget their sentiments of depression, whim of failure and march ahead with a belief of hope, trust for bravery and desire for boldness, inevitably  giving invitation on its tranquil dais.
A colorful butterfly tempting a child, I was lured by the waves of beauty; spreading the feather by a dancing peacock, I stretched my wings of sovereignity and tarnished my dirt with the serene bleaches of  "a never-ending joy". Feeling started boiling inside me, a reason was absent to pour it. I forwarded with a notion of development, scrutinizing its every nooks and corners to reveal the secret realisation of its subsistence ... in a Holmeish act. As a result, I got justice/equality, levelled opportunities in its progress, engraved with diversities of life, that place was a beaten track of inspiration to the human-beings to walk along the path of progress. Those milieu, nature and societies turned to be immortal in my conscience.
I was brainstormed and overwhelmed with the whimiscal notion of making our world the world I've been seeing since a couple of hours. Could we change our land this way? Had we been a part of this society? A revolutionary social change was required and no sooner was I remembering the sensitive period of struggle-trial, a road heading destination where history had no credits to complain for, I was prickled from back. I turned and it was my mom, "Get up, how long do you sleep?" I was mute, all those glimpses were a dream. I was opened to my reality, preserved those scenic ideas, made my heart strong, lifted my courage .... a dream that could come true, ... the rays of sun were peeping me from the window pane, I went out in quest of light.


diya said...

i wish ur dream wud have been todaz reality

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