Monday, November 2, 2009


Together we go
Into the battlefield of life
Where weapons of hatred
Cut like sharpened knife.

Together we graze
In the meadow of survival
Where grasses of existence
Sprout with many ups and downs.

Together we move
In the forest of struggle
Where beasts of endurance
Roar like thunderstorm.

Together we strive
In the ocean of reminiscence
Where waves of memory
Splash like tidal current.

Together we thrust
In the dungeon of betrayal
Where darkness of solitude
Reigns like a no-moon day.

Together we spread out
In the garden of love
Where flowers of affection
Bloom like youthful lass.

Together we reach
The vine of destiny
Where the fruits of success
Are ripened like early harvest.

In this battle of struggle
In this journey to success
In this moment of love
In this attempt of making life
Have we really been together?


Sanjoo said...

Good Job! Keep it up!

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