Monday, November 2, 2009

My Beloved

When I meddle up with things, looking uncertain
When misery attacks like a gang of hooligans
When life is shattered in crumbling pieces
Then those profound eyes come and say,
‘I am with you.’
Oh! How strikingly they stare at me!!

When I am lost within the void of nothingness
When I lose hope to win the war against my sufferings
When fate outshines my existence
Then that enigmatic lip seems to say,
‘I will rescue you.’
Oh! How beautifully they move for me!!

When I am happy with a trifling matter
When I want the world to know of my deeds
When destiny brightens up my ecstasy
Then those anxious ears tend to hear
‘This is for you.’
Oh! How mysteriously they capture my whim!!

When I am in the dark of my mood, gloomy
When things don’t go the way I want it to
When sadness reigns brutally over my fate
Then that delicate nose smells my affliction
‘Everything will go alright.’
Oh! How curiously it sniffs off my emotions!!

When I am happy with what I am
When things don’t come in big packages
When satisfaction overshadows every desire
Then the warmth of that skin makes me feel
‘This is what you are for.’
Oh! How sensational is its clasping my heart!!

With hands stretched, ready to hold me
With feets beside, ready to walk with me
With silence approbation, embraces my existence
My being of real.


ganga said...

so nice........really touch my heart

Roshan said...

jayant that was too admiring when i read your poems and somewhat i feel that all the story and writes are pointing towards you.

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